• Market Cap: $266b

  • Jun 23, 2021

Initial Coin Offering - shortly known as ICO is often used by startups to bypass "over the top" regulated infrastructure and bank proceedings in order to raise funding. ICO helps raise funds in an unregulated way where investors invest cryptocurrency with a faith of future returns in the project.

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Bitcoin is Not a Security but Most ICOs Are: SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Comments

Clayton’s states that Bitcoin cannot be classified as a security because it fundamentally behaves as a replacement for traditional, fiat currencies.

South Korea Inches Forward Towards Re-Legalizing ICOs 

South Korea continues to move forward towards re-legalizing ICOs in the nation and bringing them under government regulations as a legislation is being drafted.

HybridBlock: The Future Of CryptoCurrency E-Learning Hub

HybridBlock is building an ecosystem that seeks to bring 100 million new people into the blockchain network over the next three years.

ICO Scams on the Rise: Over $1 Billion Stolen in ICO Scams

Over a Billion dollars have been lost in ICO scams - and 271 scammy coins have been identified, a report from the Wall Street Journal points out.

HoweyCoin: A Fake ICO Launched by SEC to Promote Investor Awareness

The SEC is now taking to some unique ways to promote user awareness - going as far as creating a fake ICO website, HoweyCoin!

Telegram Takes Legal Action over Cryptocurrency Trademark Violation

Telegram's highly publicized cryptocurrency trademark "GRAM" is being poached by a company unrelated to Telegram.

Bermuda Aims to Become the New Blockchain Hub

Bermuda government is working on establishing blockchain and cryptocurrency firms in the island.

Binance CEO Backs ICOs, Calls Them 100-Times Easier Than Traditional VC Fundings

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao recently stated in a blog post: "raising money through ICOs is about 100 times easier than through traditional VCs, if not more." 

Ternio Co-Founder, Ian Kane explains Blockchain for Digital Advertising Market

Ternio is a blockchain technology that’s designed for the digital advertising market and aims to offer quick payment delivery on individual impressions.

Elena Shkarubo, the CEO of MeetnGreetMe Gets Candid about their Blockchain Venture

MeetnGreetMe is an online concierge service that links out-of-town travelers with locals for advice about their destination and support during their stay.