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  • Apr 15, 2024

Chapter 3.0


This section deals with cryptocurrency wallets. Here, we discuss what wallets are, the different types of cryptocurrency wallets and what to look for before settling for a wallet.


Wallets are important for any user as this is where your cryptocurrencies are stored. It is as essential to read and research about a cryptocurrency wallet as it is for selecting a real-life bank. After all, you would not trust a shady bank to handle your money, would you?

In this section, we cover the following chapters:

We also look at some currency specific wallets. A list of some of the top wallets in each of these currencies:

Finally, keeping in mind the need for a secure hardware wallet, we also compared some of the best hardware wallets

We hope this section gives you a good idea about what to look for in a wallet, as well as familiarizes to some of the top wallets for your currency of choice.

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