Blockchain News

Indian Banking Behemoth ICICI Bank enlists 250 corporates for its Blockchain Platform

India’s leading private bank, ICICI Bank, on April 17, 2018, disclosed it had onboarded 250 corporates onto its blockchain platform for trade finance.

Former Google Employees create a Blockchain Community

Google's former employees take a step forward and form an exclusive Blockchain community called "xGoogler Blockchain Alliance."

Samsung Electronics To Make Use of a Blockchain Ledger To Track Global Shipments

Samsung is all set to make use of a blockchain based system to track their global shipments. This technology is expected to help Samsung cut down their shipping costs by 20%

Mastercard proposes Blockchain System to prevent Fake Identities

Mastercard has been actively researching case studies on blockchain and has now come up with a new proposal to prevent identity security threats.

Getting to the Real Deal in Blockchain Reality

A non-profit educational company by the name of ACT-IAC has taken an initiative at educating the government parties by releasing a “Blockchain Playbook” to as a know-how and “how-to” manual on the blockchain.

Are Blockchains ready to Tackle issues of Content like on Facebook?

On the Facebook issue, only pointing fault at a millennial tech big shot isn't sufficient. We should assemble another online engineering that battles with the major issue of issues in the digital age.

Is The Republic of Kyrgyzstan One of the Most Blockchain-Friendly Countries in the World?

A legal report published in Kyrgyzstan claims that the country is one of the most blockchain-friendly places on earth because of their relaxed regulations and liberal laws.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple And Litecoin: Good Or Bad Investments?

Before we jump into the various cryptocurrency and the effect of investing in these currencies, we understand a bit about their background.

Ripple invests 25 million dollar in XRP in Blockchain Venture Fund

Digital payment network from San Francisco called the Ripple has recently invested 25 million dollars in the Blockchain Capital Parallel IV LP venture Fund on April 11.

China leads in Blockchain Patents and Government Funds in the World

China seems to have has taken the lead in adapting blockchain as well. It has beaten U.S and Japan as well in filing for the largest number of patents in Blockchain technology.