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German Startup Savedroid Fakes Exit Scam To Raise ICO Investment Awareness

In an attempt to raise awareness around exit scams and how unsafe investing in ICOs can be, a German ICO disappeared with $50 Million - but returned shortly. 

Bermuda Plans to Embrace ICOs and Reveals Draft Crypto Regulations

Bermuda is one the fewer countries who intend to welcome Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)and takes courageous steps in regulating it in the state.

$660 Million Pincoin and iFan ICO Fraud Leads to Protests in Vietnam

A major ICO-scam in Vietnam resulted in $660 Million in investor money being conned away by Pincoin and iFan tokens. All seven members involved in the scandal have absconded the nation.

Vietnam Acts to get a hold of Crypto Scams

Around 32,000 Vietnamese investors helped the ICO raise 15 trillion - $660 million. Both the companies later emerged as scams.

Automated Telegram Bots Are Bogging Crypto Groups and Taking Tokens

Telegrams followers play an essential role in ICOs and usually use their bots to perform automated checks of whitelist signups and to issue generic greetings and crowd sale information to new arrivals. It is the first thing on Telegram ICO Page that a new investor takes note of.

ICOs on the Ripple Network: Is Ripple Heading the Ethereum Way?

With the Allvor ICO likely to become the first successful ICO on the Ripple Network, is Ripple secretly heading towards a more ICO-Friendly approach that Ethereum has shown over the years?

Japanese Research Group Issues Guidelines to Legalize ICOs

The Rule-Making Strategies center at Tama University has released the very first paper listing the guidelines for the complete legalization and regulation of ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) in the island nation. The active ICO Business Research (ICO BR) Group went ahead and published it yesterday.

Iran Believes The Telegram ICO To Be 'Threat To The National Currency': Ban Likely

Many in the top political circles in Iran believe that the upcoming Telegram ICO may be a major threat to the national currency and that funds as much as $50 Billion would flow out of Iran if this is allowed to continue.

Floyd Mayweather endorses Fraudulent ICO - Founders Defrauded to $32 Million

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) recently announced in a press release that a fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO) organizers are arrested. The two co-founders posed a start-up organization for financial services named Centra Tech. Inc.

Pablo Escobar's Brother Claims He Met Satoshi Nakamoto, Launches DietBitcoin ICO

Pablo Escobar's brother Roberto Escobar has launched his own cryptocurrency Dietbitcoin. He also claims to have met Satoshi Nakamoto, a CIA agent.