Lead: 720,000 members in 180 different countries are on Cure with no monetisation method. Until now.. with the Cosplay Token Crowdsale

The wait is finally over for the cosplay community, crypto-enthusiasts and investors as the Cosplay Token Crowdsale is NOW LIVE till the 1st of September / 23:59 (UTC). 

Participants can choose to contribute a minimum of 0.02 ETH (250 COT) either on the Cosplay Token Crowdsale site or purchase via the QRYPTOS exchange.

To celebrate the opening of the Crowdsale, there will be a 10% bonus for all participants until the end of 11th of August.

All participants to the Crowdsale will also be eligible for special bonuses after the ICO when they pre-select their desired vesting period, setting aside a portion of COT. The total amount of COT including bonuses will be distributed after the Crowdsale. The bonus structure is as follows:

3 months: +10% bonus
6 months: +20% bonus
12 months: +30% bonus
24 months: +40% bonus

With over 720,000 members from more than 180 countries around the world, Cure WorldCosplay is a multi-lingual platform with a strong emphasis on a community that is self-sustainable and developing. 

Built on blockchain technology, Cosplay Token (COT) will be used as a payment currency within the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, addressing the 5 major challenges facing the economy:

1. Sharing of content revenue

  • Access to settlement accounts

  • Transparency and trust

  • Value actualization

  • Globalization of information

Cosplay Token will expect to see the use of COT by the end of the year on their fast-growing platform, and encourages all crowdsale participants to #HODL on!

To find out more about Cosplay Token, visit https://cot.curecos.com/token-sale/ and sign up to the whitelist. Join the community at https://t.me/cosplaytoken and reach out to them at press@curecos.com. Also if you have any query you can comment them below.