Bitcoin News

Did Final Fantasy 3 Devs Know About The Rise of Bitcoin in 1993!?

A curious case of a coincidence! Final Fantasy 3 on SNES shows Celes sleeping on a bed with the giant Bitcoin 'B' symbol on it!

Singapore witnesses Bitcoin robbery worth $300K

While the brokers were all set to purchase bitcoin from the seller, a mugger came in from nowhere, assaulted the brokers and snatched away $365,000 from them.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple And Litecoin: Good Or Bad Investments?

Before we jump into the various cryptocurrency and the effect of investing in these currencies, we understand a bit about their background.

Coinsecure (Indian Bitcoin Exchange) Loses 438 Bitcoins: Alleges CSO Stole The Funds

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsecure alleges that their CSO siphoned off 438.318 Bitcoins, worth approximately 19 Crore Indian Rupees ($33,70,000 in USD) from the platform. 

Bitcoin to be Stumped by Dash?

Dash has emerged as a viable option as an alternative to Bitcoin.

Bank of America says History's Biggest Bubble, Bitcoin - Is Already Popping

Ignoring pretty much every piece of information outside of Bitcoin’s chart, a team of Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) researchers is arguing that bitcoin is one of the most significant asset price bubbles in history.

'Bitcoin Day' Proves Argentina's Crypto Love Is Still Alive

Bitcoin is certainly gaining immense popularity in Argentina. This was comprehended last week at "Bitcoin Day" in Buenos Aires The conference was held in the heart of the city's Almagro neighborhood where 500 people attended it. The core aim of the session was to serve a growing demand for information on the technology.

Former Core Developer Mike Hearn talks about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core & Bitcoin Cash

Mike Hearn is a well-known figure in the bitcoin community. He was formerly a part of bitcoin core developer team. He was also the first developer to author the Bitcoinj client a library that uses Java and connects to the bitcoin network. Hearn recently came back to do an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on the Reddit forum /r/btc where he talked about Corda at lengths.

@Bitcoin Account Suspended by Twitter Amid Major Controversy

Twitter suspended the pro-Bitcoin Cash account '@Bitcoin' - which has earned applause from the Bitcoin community but outrage from the Bitcoin Cash supporters.

8 Indian Cops Allegedly Try To Extort 200 Bitcoins From Trader

Shailesh Bhatt, a trader from India was reportedly abducted by cops who demanded 120 Million Rupees worth of Bitcoins to be transferred to them, as well as a ransom of 320 Million Rupees in Cash.