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Ethereum, an open-source platform is based on blockchain technology. It is developed by Vitalik Buterin and helps developers create decentralized applications.  Smart Contracts is one of the unique and most popular features of Ethereum which is used as base to create other platforms. Read all the exclusive news revolving around Ethereum blockchain and Ether cryptocurrency in this section.

Bitcoin and Ether Are Not Securities: SEC Official

SEC official announces that ether is not a security and does not fall under the regulatory laws of securities. This caused a rise in the prices of ether.

By Richa Kohli

Unsecured Nodes Lead to $20 Million Worth of Ethereum Being Stolen in 3 Months

Reports indicate that hackers have made use of unsecured nodes to steal as much as $20 Million worth of Ethereum (ETH) over the past three months.

By Aditya Worah

South African Reserve Bank's Blockchain Payments Trial Successful!

Earlier in February this year, the bank had launched a Project Khokha to experiment with distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

By Team Cryptoground

‘Should I leave Ethereum and Work for Google?’ Vitalik Buterin Asks on Twitter

In a now-deleted Twitter poll, Vitalik Buterin teased sarcastically that he might leave Ethereum to join Google.

By Aditya Worah

Amazon Joins the Blockchain Bandwagon

Amazon Web Services, an offshoot of Amazon, has decided to explore blockchain with the help of an enterprise Kaleido.

By Rosemary Tomichan

Steve Wozniak Believes Ethereum Has The Potential to be The Next Apple!

Wozniak commented that Ethereum may soon become the next Apple! “Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it’s a platform," said the Woz.

By Aditya Worah

China Ranks Ethereum as No.1 Cryptocurrency

The Chinese government has conducted a research on 28 cryptos and released a rating index, in which Ethereum ranks #1.

By Hariharan Kirubasankar

Are You Ready to Play CryptoCup?

CryptoCup, the highly anticipated 2018 World Cup prediction game uses blockchin technology and brought in reputable members to elevate project prestige.

By Hariharan Kirubasankar

Bloomberg to Launch a Crypto Index

Bloomberg has partnered with digital assets asset management company Galaxy Digital Capital Management to create the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI).

By Ankita Awasthi