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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple And Litecoin: Good Or Bad Investments?

Before we jump into the various cryptocurrency and the effect of investing in these currencies, we understand a bit about their background.

Stellar Lumens - Banking System of the Future

Stellar is a blockchain platform that is primarily focused on integrating distributed ledger technology into existing financial infrastructure. Stellar presents itself as the “future of banking".

Factom: The Sleeping Crypto Giant

First-class analytics can only occur with quality data. As the old saying goes, ‘garbage in and garbage out’, and it still holds correct – incorrect data is of very little usage.

Ox Protocol- Decentralizing the Exchange

Decentralized exchanges are a key piece of crypto infrastructure, and they will fundamentally improve the functionality of crypto economies. 0x is emerging as the leading DEX platform within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Bloom - Bringing Credit Rating to the Modern Age

Bloom is built with a mission to decentralize credit scoring and enhance security so that one centralized authority doesn’t have a broad hold of people’s individual data- which can be leaked or breached easily. The Bloom team aims to bring transparency, community, and the crypto community together to create a new credit ecosystem and is working with over 300 partners and lenders to make this mission a reality.

Introducing Salt: Lender to the Crypto Hodlers

Introducing SALT- A lending platform that allows investors or holders of blockchain assets to leverage their holdings as collateral and take cash loans against it.

With the launch of ADSi tokens, AdSigma challenges the need for Ad Networks like Google

The growing craze and consumption of the internet has led every company to be conscious about their online presence and provides an opportunity at the same to time to expand beyond their territories

Vulnerability Found in Ledger Hardware Wallets: Your Cryptocurrencies May Be At Risk!

Millions of Ledger hardware wallet users are at a risk of losing their funds as a vulnerability has been found which can alter the Bitcoin deposit address!

RaiBlocks Rebrands to ‘Nano’: New Logo and Design Introduced

RaiBlocks (XRB) - a popular cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $2 Billion has now rebranded to 'Nano'. The company now has a new design, a new logo and a new enthusiasm!

Royal Mint Issues First Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

The Royal Mint, which produces the UK’s currencies and holds gold reserves, has become the first globally to issue gold-backed assets to customers using blockchain technology.