• Market Cap: $266b

  • Jul 20, 2024

Ethereum, an open-source platform is based on blockchain technology that help developers create decentralized applications. Smart Contracts is one of the unique and most popular features of Ethereum which is used as base to create other platforms.

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Third largest Russian Retailer uses Ethereum Tech to Simplify Trade Finance

Third largest Russian Retailer Dixy launched a new Ethereum-based trade finance platform

JPM launches Privacy Tool for Payment Mechanisms on Ethereum-based Quorum Blockchain

JP Morgan updates its Ethereum(ETH)-backed Quorum Blockchain by integrating new privacy features

Bahrain-based Stock Exchange plans to list First Company in June

Bahrain-based Stock Exchange SprinkleExchange plans to list First Company in June using Ethereum

Facebook Veterans release ETH-based Digital Collecting App Following $1.5M Seed Funding

Facebook Veterans release ETH-based Social App which supports the creation and trading of Digital Collectives following $1.5M Seed Funding

Global Consulting Giant EY releases Smart Contract Analyzer for Blockchain Clients

Global Consulting Giant EY launches a beta version of Smart Contract testing service for Blockchain Clients

Craig Wright Has Filed 114 Blockchain Patents in 2 Years

Reports from The Next Web pointed out that WIPO has published over 150 patents issued by Craig Wright. Out of these, 114 patent titles mention blockchain.

Core Developer Afri Schoeden “Quit Ethereum” over Community Backlash

“I quit Ethereum,” wrote the core developer of Ethereum, Afri Schoeden on Twitter. It is not just the social media that he will be not associating with rather the project itself.

Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork Expected on 27th February

Ethereum's Constantinople hard fork, originally supposed to take place on the 16th of January, will now take place on the 27th of February.

Ethereum Foundation Declares $5 Million Grant to Parity Technologies

Ethereum Foundation announced $5 Million funding for Parity Technologies which will help to build blockchain network's next iteration, Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum Studio ConsenSys partners with AMD to produce blockchain-based cloud computing infrastructure

Ethereum development studio ConsenSys, semiconductor chip producer AMD and Abu-Dhabi based investment management company Halo Holdings are jointly working on blockchain based cloud computing infrastructure