Digital Bobbleheads of MLB players which were launched on the Ethereum blockchain has garnered thousands of dollars in sales. These bobbleheads are a part of the MLB-licensed game called MLB Championship which was created by a Los Angeles based digital firm called Lucid Sight.

Randy Saaf, Lucid Sights CEO said,

“Basically these were cards with the crypto on it. We printed crypto on 40,000 paper wallets that have the private key on them. Your typical Dodgers fan didn't necessarily know what to do with these. But certain fans were like, these are going to be rare. We wanted to do a physical giveaway because the fans just kind of show up and you're just given your item as a giveaway. They're used to that, it’s the easiest way to give people stuff.”

Some of the most notable sales included that of former Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper whose bobblehead fetched $7,300 while Clayton Kershaw, LA Dodger star’s bobblehead fetched $3,500.

Lucid Sights inked the deal for creating digital bobbleheads with MBL during the 2018 series where they created a digital collectible game based on the results of the real games. Lucid is all set to launch the next version of the game during the next World Series scheduled in late October.

How Does Digital Collectable Game Works?

MLB Champions, the digital fantasy league game is based on real-life game results and stats, the game also uses a high-efficiency tool Statcast to track all the games, their stats, player movements and then utilize it in the digital version. A fantasy player can create a tokenized version of the player in the game if they want to. These kinds of digital collectibles are gaining popularity quite quickly and Lucid Sights belive that it is going to have a big market share in the fantasy league games in the near future.

One USP of the game which is based on scarcity is that one season’s collectible is not transferable to the next. Thus, if a player wants a digital collectible from 2019, then they can’t buy it in the game and they need to negotiate for it from the other fantasy players who have those collectibles. The creators of the game believe this feature creates a secondary market for these digital collectibles which makes them more desirable and rare.

There has been a significant advancement in the use of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies, the decentralized applications (DApps) arena is getting flooded with more blockchain games every day, and the success of something like MLB Championship is a proof that there is a huge market for these digital collectibles.