Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Is Now The CTO of London Trust Media

Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles now works as the CTO for London Trust Media - a company which invests in cryptos, as well as the biggest name in global VPN Services.

Emirates NBD Gives Dubai Gets Its Successful Cheque Blockchain Project

Emirates NBD, the largest bank in Dubai, is all set to launch their blockchain based project - “Cheque Chain”, which aims at reducing cheque-related frauds.

Four Harvard Students Team Up To Create Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund

4 Harvard students have teamed up to start off a cryptocurrency hedge fund, Plympton Capital - aiming at $1 Million to Start Off With.

America's Biggest Bank Tests Issuing Debts Over Blockchain Networks

JP Morgan successfully transferred $150 million offering on the same day of a one-year floating-rate Yankee certificate of deposit using a blockchain network!

Russian Court to Reconsider Ban on Crypto Information Website

Russian Supreme Court has decided to review the ban issued on cryptocurrency information website

Fake News Busted: Binance Will Not Be Adding USD Trading Pairs

All reports of Binance introducing USD Trading pairs are false, a spokesperson for Binance clarified on Twitter. No current plans to introduce fiat trading!

South Korean Court Punishes 2 Over $24 Million Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme

Judge Hwang Jin-jin of the Incheon District Court punished two men for running a pyramid scam. The accused were fined $15 Million and $8 Million respectively!

Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange To Launch Bithumb Coin 

South Korea based Bithumb has announced plans to launch their own cryptocurrency token, the Bithumb Coin. The Bithumb Coin ICO will take place in Singapore.

Walmart Files Two Blockchain Patents: Payment Info To Be Stored on Blockchain Systems!

Walmart is looking forward to securing its payment data onto a blockchain to ensure the safety of payment information from thefts and hackings.

Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Not Keen on “kowtowing” to New York’s Inquiry

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell takes a contrarian stand on the fact-finding inquiry into the practices and operations of the cryptocurrency exchanges by NYAG office.