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  • Feb 17, 2019

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Top Cryptocurrency Trends To Watch Closely This Year In The Bitcoin World

During 2019, there are a few emerging trends which we might want to monitor closely as they could potentially affect the future growth of the crypto asset industry.

The 15 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Trade Bitcoin with in 2019

Although the following list isn’t exhaustive, it does present the current top 15 digital exchanges on offer to global users. All exchanges charge user fees somehow. Depending on exchange model and nature, fees vary, although all e...

Japanese ‘Megabanks’ Shut Down P2P Blockchain Money Remittance Pilot Program

A 3-member consortium of Japanese banks has decided not to proceed with the development of a blockchain-powered P2P money transfer services project.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple's Blockchain Now Accessible Using Google's BigQuery Analytics

Blockchain technology expanded all over the world, the same as virtual currencies during the last several years. Google has developed several tools for individuals and analysts to be able to understand how these networks behave.

Major Layoffs Coming to NEM Foundation Following Mismanagement Claims

Reports indicate that the organization is planning to lay off a number of their employees. Budget cuts are then expected to follow.

Another $180,000 Worth of ETH Stolen from Cryptopia

In another attack, hackers have now managed to steal another $180,000 worth of Ether (ETH) from the same exchange, new reports indicate.

KRWb: South Korea’s First Won-Backed Stablecoin Launched

South Korea has now become the latest country to get a stablecoin pegged to their local currency.

Iran to Ban Bitcoins? In Talks With 8 Other Nations For Crypto-Rial

As Iran gears up for the Crypto-Rial, talks have begun with at least eight nations for trade deals via cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX Goes Offline, Claims Maintenance Problems

Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX is down for maintenance as per the announcement on its webpage on Jan 28.

Smartphone Wallets for Blockchain Adoption

Due to the adoption of smartphones globally, such solutions might give blockchain and crypto adoption a great boost.