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  • Nov 18, 2018

Major Agro Firm Exectues A Blockchain Pilot For Black Sea Wheat

Swiss-based Transoil International and Solaris Commodities have directed a blockchain pilot transaction of Black Sea wheat.

Salesforce Patents Blockchain Technology to Combat Spam

Salesforce's latest patent talks about a blockchain-based system which will help combat spam emails.

Bank of America Awarded New Patent for Digital Storage of Private Keys

Bank of America's latest patent allows setting up of a digital storage for private keys - which alerts the user in real-time in case of a tampering attempt.

Russia may soon launch a state-backed cryptocurrency

The administrator of Russia's State Duma Committee on Financial Markets has asserted that the institution is thinking to launch a state-owned virtual currency pegged to the Russian ruble, Russian radio news station Govorit Moskva...

CryptoKitties raises a fresh $15 million funding to build more digital cats

The organization behind the viral blockchain wonder CryptoKitties is wanting to upgrade its stage – and it's gotten support from some significant tech firms to do it.

HTC Exodus 1: HTC’s Blockchain Smartphone Can Be Bought Using BTC, ETH

HTC Exodus 1: HTC's blockchain-based smartphone which comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet was launched this week. The phone can be purchased via BTC/ETH

BlackBerry Announces Blockchain-Based Platform to Support Medical Research

BlackBerry's first client for the blockchain solution will be the Global Commission, an organization focused on ending the diagnostic odyssey for children with a rare disease.

Blockchain Startup SKALE Labs Raises $9.65 Million to Help Developers Scale DApps

The blockchain startup SKALE Labs has announced that it has raised a total of $9.65 million in funding, comprised of $8.86 million Simple Agreement For Future Tokens (SAFT) and a $785,000 seed SAFT raised earlier this year.  The m...

Overstock's Medici Ventures Invests in a Blockchain Startup Focused on Wine Industry

The US-based retail giant Overstock.com's blockchain technology subsidiary Medici Ventures has announced the latest strategic investment in VinX, an Israel-based company developing a blockchain platform to streamline wine futures...

South Korea’s Largest Venture Capital Firm Invests in Blockchain Startup TEMCO

Korea Investment Partners (KIP), one of South Korea’s largest venture capital (VC) firms, has invested in its first blockchain startup TEMCO. TEMCO aims to disrupt the supply chain management system through blockchain technology....