China is currently at the forefront of the development of a national digital currency, where it has already completed the development of the digital asset and is currently in a testing phase of the digital yuan.

Chinese Central Bank has already partnered with multiple restaurants and even the government sector to test various use cases for the digital yuan. In the latest development reported by the South China Morning Post, the Chinese Central Bank is eyeing Gashapon, a vending machines company, and popularly known for dispensing toys based on popular anime series like One Piece and Detective Conan will help trial the digital yuan.

These vending machines are a great point of attraction for many young consumers and the People's Bank Of China believes these 10 and 50 yuan ($1.50 US and $7.40 US) toy vending machines could help the government further the crypto adoption.

Delfino, a Shanghai-based company and a subsidiary of Japanese housing builder Okura has been contracted to supply the vending machines which would be installed in various locations of mainland China where the central bank is currently running trials for the new digital yuan.

These vending machines are 5G equipped and come with a QR scanner that can be used for direct payments. These machines are also equipped with near-field communications (NFC) at the request of the central bank.

These vending machines are perfectly suited for testing digital yuan since it takes small payments and for furthering China's move towards a new cashless economy.

China began the research of its national digital currency half a decade ago and became the first country to develop its own national digital currency. Many expected that the Chinese Central Bank would launch the digital yuan by the end of November 2019, however, it hasn't been officially launched as of yet. However, the testing of digital yuan is in full swing, including the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.