Big Four Auditing Firm KPMG has discovered top four skills required for a Blockchain related career, as per press release shared on May 16.

Blockchain Technology is helping various businesses around the world to reduce frauds, drive new process efficiencies, and reduce costs. In 2019, KPMG wants to increase the number of firms exploring this technology from discovering new business models to launching new projects and moving towards scalable solutions.

As the craze of blockchain is going down, it will soon face an issue: a severe lack of talent. Somewhat surprisingly, a great deal of talent is present in college campuses. Younger Generations are familiar with the maturity and evolution of Bitcoin and Blockchain and hence they are interested and comfortable with the technology.

In the latest hiring, a person who has recently completed graduation or an experienced person, both of them don't require to be technologists to be considered for blockchain position. However, all the skills can be learned in non-technical roles, and these individuals can fully deploy and improve blockchain solutions.

KPMG states a large number of firms will be investigating blockchain technology this year. The firm states, “Blockchain projects will not succeed or scale without a multifaceted team that goes beyond technologists” hence it is required to identify four main skills required for a career in the industry.

KPMG claims that a successful deployment of blockchain technology depends on the professionals having both the skills, technology literacy and business acumen.

For business acumen, one needs to have a deep understanding of business processes across the industry. This is very much useful while forming and defining a powerful use case and value proposition for a blockchain project.

The significance of technology literacy is present in the understanding of how blockchain works. It is also essential to understand how to apply the knowledge to a specific use case. 

KPMG further says that a professional in the field should have data analytics skills to understand and apply data obtained from the blockchain. Lastly, a professional should have a "hacker mentality" which requires the team to open up and explore and experiment by "hacking the problem" from multiple perspectives.

In modern technology, currently, a proper talent is required, Blockchain projects will not succeed without a varied team which explores different technologies. KPMG believes that universities will include blockchain in their course, and will help to build end users and those which are responsible for developing, deploying and managing blockchain.