• Market Cap: $135b

  • Feb 20, 2019

Bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency has created enough buzz around the globe to attract investors and traders. Features like decentralization, immutability, limited supply, no physical existence, etc. make Bitcoin one of its kinds.

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Bitcoin Could Have Died in 2010 - But Satoshi Nakamoto’s Hard Fork Saved It!

2010 was the year when the price of Bitcoin hit $0.1 for the first time. However, it was also the year Bitcoin could have died. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Up by 5% Crosses $4000, $70Bn Market Cap

In a sudden surge, the price of Bitcoin went up by 5% in a matter of minutes, rising from $3,870 to $4,090.

US Retail Giant Overstock to pay state taxes in Bitcoin

US Retail Giant Overstock will be the first major firm to pay some of its state taxes using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin @10: 10th Anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto Mining the Genesis Block

On the 3rd of January, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first ever block on the Bitcoin blockchain, popularly known as the ‘genesis block’.

Indian Police Recovers 451 Bitcoins Collected in Ponzi Scheme

Police in the city of Pune have recovered 451.999 Bitcoins (Worth ~1.7 Million USD) from scammers who were running a Ponzi scheme in the country. 

OpenNode, Bitcoin Seed Processor Closes Seed Investment Round

OpenNode, the world's first Lightning Network based Bitcoin payment processor concluded their seed investment round, after receiving funding from Tim Draper

BitMex CEO Says Crypto Could Be The Next Asset Class

Cryptocurrency could represent the next new Digital Asset class and create a slew of new investment and trading opportunities in the coming few years.

Founder of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz Believes Bitcoin Price Won't Sink Further

The future of Bitcoin could be positive even as the market reached historic lows in 2018.

Zurcoin Co-Founder Alleges Deliberate Price Manipulation in Crypto Market

Could the value and price of cryptocurrency be deliberately manipulated? The co-founder of Zurcoin seems to believe so.

Italian Securities Regulator Suspends 2 Crypto Firms for Alleged Fraud Activities

The 90-day suspension was handed out to the two firms, Bit Surge, and Crypto Green Earth post evaluation of their validity.