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Everything you need to know about Serial Entrepreneur Nischal Shetty and WazirX - An Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange [Interview]

WazirX is India's Crypto Exchange start-up. The team is striving to be touted as the best Indian Trading exchange. Indian investors have a plethora of crypto-options to invest via this trading exchange. We bring forth to our readers a transcript with the founder.

DMFX Financials launches "Mini Conferences" [Press Release]

DMFX Financials, a company specialized in the organizing of financial events has launched Mini-conferences.

SEC of the Philippines Warns Users Against Investing into OneCash Trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines has warned the public to not invest in OneCash Trading and PBB150 Trading platforms, as they are not registered with the SEC.

South Korea Considering Reversal of ICO Ban

As per recent reports from South Korean publications and news outlets, the country's government is considering reversing their ban on ICOs and introduce regulations that govern ICOs.

Abra Wallet Now Supports 20 Cryptocurrencies, 50 Fiat Currencies!

With its latest update, the Abra Wallet now supports 50 fiat currencies and 20 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin!

3 South Korean Exchanges Raided Over Embezzlement of Funds

Reports from South Korea claim that three cryptocurrency exchanges in the nation have now been raided by the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office over embezzlement of customer funds.

Plattsburgh To Become The First US City to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining

Plattsburgh, a city in New York, is considering to ban cryptocurrency mining in the region as the residents believe miners are taking undue advantage of the city's cheap power.

Lighting Network (Beta) Goes Live: Bitcoin Transaction Fees and Time To Go Down!

The Lightning Network (Beta) is here to solve the biggest problem of Bitcoin - high fees and slow transfers! Backed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey among other high-profile investors.

'Circle Invest' - Circle's Cryptocurrency Trading App Launches in the US

Circle Invest is a Coinbase competitor which allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at market rate without any trading fees! The app is available in 46 states in the US.

Cryptocurrencies Bleed As Google Declares Ban on Crypto and ICO Ads Starting June 2018

Starting June 2018, Google will no longer allow cryptocurrency and ICO related advertisements on Google Search, Display Ad Networks and YouTube.