While the number of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions was 250 million back in 2017, it has doubled ever since then, reaching 500 million today.

According to the data website Satoshi, which is named after the pseudonym of the person who invented the BTC, the 500.0165 million transaction number has been reached on the coin’s blockchain. Satoshi has started to track BTC transactions in 2017.

It shows that their number increased every year, reaching 250 million back in 2017. If these transactions continue to grow at the rate they do at the moment, they can become more than 1,000 million in less than 2 years.

Source: Statoshi.info

Twitter Is Booming with the News

The news has been rapidly spread on Twitter, with Casa CTO Jameson Lopp saying:

"Today, as of block 00000000000000000001145bf2e7cb7f04df55feaf3b55d9f6511522bbbf333f at height 616064, Bitcoin surpassed 500 million transactions confirmed on the blockchain."

Hodlonaut, the famous crypto enthusiast who had some legal disputes with Craig Wright and started the Bitcoin Lighting Torch tweeted:

"Bitcoin isn't talking about this. Or about how revolutionary and unprecedented its traits of censorship resistance and immutability are. Bitcoin just is. And does. One block at a time."

The Highest Number of Transactions in a Day Reached in 2019

The highest number of confirmed BTC transactions in a day was on April 23, 2019, when over 439,000 transactions were registered on the Bitcoin network. Over the last 24 hours, the coin logged a number of 340,025 transactions, whereas the total number is over 10 million more than in January.

As Erik Voorhees, the founder of ShapeShift, says, the transactions number is the most important metric to be considered in crypto because it gives information about adoption and not about the noise made over the BTC price. Not yet adopted everywhere, it seems BTC made significant steps ahead back in 2019. Chainalysis revealed an estimation saying that about $4 billion worth of BTC were processed in payments last year.