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Bitcoin Has Been Forked 44 Times Since BCH: But Do Forks Mean Much Now?

A look at the 44 forks of Bitcoin since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork happened in August 2017. Do forks even mean much now? the question looms, 44 forks later.

By Aditya Worah

Elon Musk vs Warren Buffett and Tyler Winklevoss vs Bill Gates: The battle for Bitcoin!

Tech genius Elon Musk, investment guru Warren Buffett, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Tyler Winklevoss of the Winklevoss twins are at odds over Bitcoin's future.

By Aditya Worah

@Bitcoin Account Suspended by Twitter Amid Major Controversy

Twitter suspended the pro-Bitcoin Cash account '@Bitcoin' - which has earned applause from the Bitcoin community but outrage from the Bitcoin Cash supporters.

By Aditya Worah

8 Indian Cops Allegedly Try To Extort 200 Bitcoins From Trader

Shailesh Bhatt, a trader from India was reportedly abducted by cops who demanded 120 Million Rupees worth of Bitcoins to be transferred to them, as well as a ransom of 320 Million Rupees in Cash.

By Aditya Worah

Easily Calculate Your Bitcoin Profits and Losses Using Bitpay’s Tools For The Tax Season

With the tax season hitting a fever pitch, these tools from BitPay would help all BitPay users easily file their Bitcoin profits and losses as well as view their accounting details.

By Aditya Worah

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