• Market Cap: $125b

  • Feb 18, 2019

Bitcoin ETF Talks Resume as SEC Reviews Proposal from NYSE Arca and Bitwise Asset management 

A new proposal about Bitcoin ETFs has now found its way into the SEC - this time filed by NYSE Arca along with Bitwise Asset Management. 

Nasdaq to Offer Brave New Coin Crypto Indexes for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Starting the 25th of February, Nasdaq will introduce two new indices which will provide real-time information on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform in Venezuela Shows Off All-Time Highs for Bitcoin Transactions, Despite Huge Premiums

Venezuela has been one of the many countries to be negatively impacted with the insane inflation of their local currency.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple's Blockchain Now Accessible Using Google's BigQuery Analytics

Blockchain technology expanded all over the world, the same as virtual currencies during the last several years. Google has developed several tools for individuals and analysts to be able to understand how these networks behave.

JP Morgan Analysts Predict Doom for Crypto: Warn of BTC Crashing As Low As $1,260

Analysts from JP Morgan Chase have predicted that Bitcoin price might crash to less than half of what it currently stands at - hitting a rock bottom at $1,260. 

Crypto-Crime: Darknet Markets See Bitcoin Usage Double Up

Bitcoin transactions worth 2 Billion USD took place every day over the darknet markets in 2018.

Bitcoin Could Have Died in 2010 - But Satoshi Nakamoto’s Hard Fork Saved It!

2010 was the year when the price of Bitcoin hit $0.1 for the first time. However, it was also the year Bitcoin could have died. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Up by 5% Crosses $4000, $70Bn Market Cap

In a sudden surge, the price of Bitcoin went up by 5% in a matter of minutes, rising from $3,870 to $4,090.

Bitcoin @10: 10th Anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto Mining the Genesis Block

On the 3rd of January, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first ever block on the Bitcoin blockchain, popularly known as the ‘genesis block’.

Over 245 Bitcoins Stolen Following Phishing Attack on Electrum Wallet

at least 245 Bitcoins (worth over $1 Million) have been stolen from the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet so far, following a phishing attack.