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Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Not Keen on “kowtowing” to New York’s Inquiry

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell takes a contrarian stand on the fact-finding inquiry into the practices and operations of the cryptocurrency exchanges by NYAG office.

Indian Banking Behemoth ICICI Bank enlists 250 corporates for its Blockchain Platform

India’s leading private bank, ICICI Bank, on April 17, 2018, disclosed it had onboarded 250 corporates onto its blockchain platform for trade finance.

BGX: The New Face of a Multi-Billion Industry

One  of  the  most  anticipated  token  crowdsales  is  coming  this  May.  BGX  ‐  a  multi‐functional  financial  platform that will bring the entire economy of mobile games into the age of decentralized effectiveness.  

DMFX Financials launches "Mini Conferences" [Press Release]

DMFX Financials, a company specialized in the organizing of financial events has launched Mini-conferences.

With the launch of ADSi tokens, AdSigma challenges the need for Ad Networks like Google

The growing craze and consumption of the internet has led every company to be conscious about their online presence and provides an opportunity at the same to time to expand beyond their territories

MoxyOne Aims to Provide Seamless Financial Infrastructure to trade with Cryptocurrencies

The Cryptocurrency market is growing at a fast pace. The fast pace has attracted a lot of people, and now everyone plans to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Invox Finance Brings New Approach to Invoice Financing

Invox Finance was launched by ABR Finance PVT Ltd. who is one of the leaders in the Financing Industry in Australia.

Shping: Creating A Global Product Database And Raising Consumer Awareness

Cryptocurrencies are getting increasingly common over the past few years. While individual investors are using them, they are yet to find a use-case in the day-to-day retail sector.

Why Peculium Is the Best Way to Optimize ROI in Cryptocurrency Trading

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has hit the roof. They are the best investment that everyone is rushing to.