The For-people cryptocurrency, CitiCash might be one of the very few currencies actually making a mark in the industry

Crypto market is in doldrums and enthusiasts still are unable to figure out what the reason behind it is. Well, it certainly isn’t a conspiracy of the federal reserve or even the fiat market. The first bottleneck that crypto market is facing is quite frankly self-inflicted and often becomes the cause of the deaths of several ICOs and tokens.

The concern is use. Mass adoption. And simply usability in regular means. Bitcoin, as it stands, is still not a reliable fungible asset and cannot be pulled in or used with paper currency.

On that front, a singular company amidst the behemoths in the market has introduced simple solutions and 5 features that might make it one of the few platforms to actually make a mark in the mercurial industry. We’ve ran through their whitepaper and it shows a lot of promise. So without further ado, here are CitiCash’s 5 features that might help it make it big in the crypto market -

1 - UX experience

The UX experience of CitiCash is unlike the entire market. Primarily based on providing ease of use and improved functionality, the CitiCash wallet is akin to the structure and system used in Internet banking.

The design also makes it use easier for the regular folks who are not well versed with crypto wallets and are otherwise scared of messing up or losing their money.

2 - Debit Card in the transition period

Since the entire idea behind CitiCash is to enable mass adoption of crypto for regular use, CitiCash’s association with Fiat currency enables people to use it without any bottleneck. Furthermore, Citicash tackles the problem of transition to wide adoption of cryptocurrencies with a feature that allows payments to a vendor with a debit card directly linked to CitiCash wallet.

That means that CitiCash’s wallet has built-in functionality to convert CitiCash into whichever fiat currency accepted by the vendor that is receiving payment. To put it simply, your crypto wallet is connected to your Debit card.

Additionally, users who have downloaded the wallet would be able to request CitiCash debit cards, which will be linked directly to the wallet. That means if a user adds funds to the wallet, it automatically reflects in the use of the debit card — effectively making the CitiCash platform a bank account.

It is that easy - plus your transactions are anonymous and untraceable!

3 - The Team

With a team of hardworking professionals and enthusiasts, CitiCash boasts of the most attuned set of developers, geeks and smart-headed individuals who are passionate about the whole crypto-for-all idea.

Together with its set of 17 full employed developers, product managers, marketing professionals and its leadership, Citi Lab Czech has created a unique platform that enables the entirety of the financial strata rather than a few segments of society. quite a simple a unique and simple user experience for everyone.

4 - Transaction speed and security

The coin transfer on CitiCash’s platform usually takes no longer than a few minutes and the transaction fee is minimal.

CitiCash’s utilization of RingCT is another addendum in this aspect since it makes the transactions safer, and practically untraceable.

5 - All in one account

Conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat or to other cryptocurrencies is often one of the most problematic notions around the adoption of crypto by the regular populace. To address that, CitiCash brings an all-in-one wallet concept, wherein the user will be able to exchange any kind of currency and manage their finances as they need to.

To address that, CitiCash is developing functions that will allow sending coins, receiving coins or trading coins on the coin exchange market – all in one place (within one wallet application). Moreover, CitiCash’s wallet, which is already available on desktop, will be directly linked to CitiCash debit card, which further facilitates movement of currency to and from regular means and ends. And since, debit cards are something that everyone is familiar with, and most possess, the wallet offers an excellent means of using cryptocurrency for day to day purchases.

There you have it! 5 surprisingly simple solutions to the conundrums faced by the Crypto market. For the regular junta as well as crypto enthusiasts, CitiCash offers solutions that should propel it amongst the big names in the industry while making the industry more accessible and usable for the masses.