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  • Feb 18, 2019

The blockchain is a decentralized system with a distributed open ledger that is publicly accessible, and its copy is stored on millions of computer systems. Blockchain became popular with the inception of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, it is important to note that blockchain's utility is not limited to cryptocurrency. Discover such systems in this news section.

Bank Of Israel Requests Information On DLT

Bank Of Israel requested information regarding Distribution Ledger Technology for the probable implementation in their system.

Comcast’s Blockchain-Based ‘Blockgraph’ Software Unveiled 

Comcast’s advertising division unveiled Blockgraph, their blockchain-based software aimed towards secure sharing of data for advanced television advertising.

Vitalik Buterin's Surprise $300,000 Grant To Ethereum Startups

Vitalik Buterin just gave away $300,000 for the advancement and development of Ethereum 2.0 in a surprise grant via Twitter.

First Blockchain-Based Birth Certificate Issued in India

One-month-old Divit Biyani has become the first baby born in India to get a blockchain-based birth certificate.

Blockchain Based Banking May Be Launched In Malta

With the application by RnF Finance and OK Capital, Blockchain based banking is set to become a reality in Malta

UAE Federal Baking Advisory Council Considers Blockchain in UAE banks

Possible adaption of blockchain technology to facilitate KYC efforts in the UAE

Iranian Official Says Blockchain Could Help to Boost Economy

One Iranian Official said that integrating Blockchain could help to Boost Economy of the nation in the upcoming years

Mass Payment With Blockchain Tech On Its Way: BitPay CEO

Blockchain technology could be mainstream and used in daily transactions, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair speculated.

Apple Veteran Joins Blockchain Startup Identity.com

Apple veteran Phillip Shoemaker has joined as Executive Director of Identity, Blockchain startup Civic's decentralized Identity database platform.

Porsche Arranges €150m Acquisition Loan via BBVA’s Blockchain Platform

BBVA has negotiated a €150 million loan deal with Europe's largest car distributor Porsche Holdings through Blockchain technology.