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  • Jul 20, 2024

Julia is a writer and researcher in Distributed Ledger Technology space. She loves communicating with people and thus conducts interviews with veterans in blockchain and cryptocurrency space for Cryptoground. Julia helps stir a healthy discussion in the community through her encounters with the technology drivers.

Leading Telecom Giant in South Korea KT releases 5G DLT brand to prevent hacks

Leading Telecom Giant in South Korea KT launches DLT-powered 5G brand to prevent hacks

Ternio Co-Founder, Ian Kane explains Blockchain for Digital Advertising Market

Ternio is a blockchain technology that’s designed for the digital advertising market and aims to offer quick payment delivery on individual impressions.

Elena Shkarubo, the CEO of MeetnGreetMe Gets Candid about their Blockchain Venture

MeetnGreetMe is an online concierge service that links out-of-town travelers with locals for advice about their destination and support during their stay.

Natalie Pankova, the CSO at Shivom talks about their Genomics Blockchain Technologies

Shivom is a precision medical and genomic company that will allow people to upload their genomic sequence, receive rewards for sharing this information.

EdenChain CSO, Kangho Kim Shares Solution for Slower Blockchain Transactions

Edenchain is a programmable economy platform for capitalizing and trading various assets using blockchain Smart Contracts to create tokens of these assets.

Maxim Khabur Shares Exclusive Insights of SKYFchain's Blockchain Cargo Project

People who are in the system will know exactly when a delivery is made and the payment will go through only if conditions of the delivery are met.

LikeCoin Founder - Kin Ko Presents An Opportunity for Artists to Earn

LikeCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to reward people for their creative accomplishments that are shared in a public domain.