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  • Feb 03, 2023

Cryptocurrency Scammers Arrested in China over $47 Million Fraud

The Chinese police have arrested 6 individuals of PEB firm in connection to cryptocurrency scam.

Snapchat-Investor Lightspeed Ventures May Rebrand as Cryptocurrency Investment Firm

Lightspeed, Snapchat's biggest backer, plans to start an initiative that solely focuses on crypto investments.

Switzerland ranks #1 in the list of Blockchain-Friendly Countries in Europe

The blockchain conference of BlockShow 2018 has announced that Switzerland is #1 for blockchain companies in Europe.

Tel Aviv stock exchange (TSAE) employs Blockchain based securities lending platform

Tel Avin Stock Exchange employs blockchain technology in developing their securities lending platform.

China Ranks Ethereum as No.1 Cryptocurrency

The Chinese government has conducted a research on 28 cryptos and released a rating index, in which Ethereum ranks #1.

Are You Ready to Play CryptoCup?

CryptoCup, the highly anticipated 2018 World Cup prediction game uses blockchin technology and brought in reputable members to elevate project prestige.

EU to Enforce Regulations to Reduce Crypto Users' Anonymity

EU council enforces regulations to reduce cryptos' user anonymity to weed out criminal financing channels.

Telegram Takes Legal Action over Cryptocurrency Trademark Violation

Telegram's highly publicized cryptocurrency trademark "GRAM" is being poached by a company unrelated to Telegram.

Circle Plans to Introduce Dollar-Pegged USDC Cryptocurrency

Following a $110 million funding from Bitmain, Circle now intends to launch a new dollar-pegged USDC cryptocurrency.

Korean Crypto Exchange employees face arrest warrant from Financial Investigation Division

Three of South Korean virtual money exchanges are being subjected to investigation and suspicious employees are being arrested.