• Market Cap: $266b

  • Sep 26, 2023

Core Developer Afri Schoeden “Quit Ethereum” over Community Backlash

“I quit Ethereum,” wrote the core developer of Ethereum, Afri Schoeden on Twitter. It is not just the social media that he will be not associating with rather the project itself.

Hackers Post Bitcoin Scam From South African Cricket Board’s Twitter Account

Twitter account of the South African Cricket Board was hacked. The hackers posted tweets promoting a Bitcoin scam from the @OfficialCSA account.

Hackers Impersonate Verified Coinbase Account to Scam Twitter Users

The verified Twitter account of Belgian Non-Profit Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) was hacked and renamed as Coinbase in an attempt to scam users.

Vitalik Buterin's Surprise $300,000 Grant To Ethereum Startups

Vitalik Buterin just gave away $300,000 for the advancement and development of Ethereum 2.0 in a surprise grant via Twitter.

Google's official Twitter Account Hacked - Scammers promoted Bitcoin Giveaway

Google's G Suite's official Twitter account was hacked to advertise a Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway scam, the Next Web reported Nov. 13.

Market Capitalization of Square Surpasses that of Twitter

The market capitalization of Square ($30 Billion) has surpassed that of Twitter ($25 Billion).

Twitter Under Heat For Allowing Promotion of Crypto Scams 

Twitter scams are back - and this time, scammers, using hacked verified accounts are able to 'promote' these Tweets.

Charlie Lee shields Litecoin from FUD on twitter

Litecoin maker Charlie Lee is striking back at what he calls a "coordinated exertion to stifle" the LTC cost on the gathering of bearish brokers and speculative stock investments who are endeavoring to short the coin. 

Facebook and Google Face Heat from Crypto-Community Over Ad-Ban

Months after announcing the ban, these internet giants continue to face a backlash from the crypto-community, which is upset about being treated unfairly.

100+ Bitcoin Quotes From The Book "The Bitcoin Standard" Which Will Instantly Make You Buy and Read It

A reader took it to Twitter to appreciate the book. He shared some of the best quotes from the book in a tweet thread. Here's the curated list of them.