Google's G Suite's official Twitter account was hacked to advertise a Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway scam, the Next Web reported Nov. 13.

The G Suite Twitter account was apparently hacked to promote a BTC giveaway scam to 800,000 followers of the page. Con artists evidently spread a message baiting clients to partake in a fake 10,000 BTC giveaway, simultaneously declaring that Google's G Suite have started acknowledging virtual currency as a method for payment.

Gsutie Twitter Scam

As indicated by the Hard Fork, the message vanished in just 10 minutes after it had shown up.

The trick pursues an ongoing pattern of fake activities including the Twitter profiles of prominent organizations and people. On Nov. 5, many verified Twitter accounts were hacked to imitate Elon Musk, with one allegedly account collecting nearly $170,000. Scammers changed the profile name and picture with the end goal to act like Elon Musk and in this way posted in remark threads of Elon Musk to sound legitimate.

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As recently announced, Google banned crypto ads on Jun. 1 to purportedly save its clients from fake contributions. The boycott influenced all Google services too, implying that organizations won't be able to run crypto-related ads on its sites, as well as all the third party sites in its network.

But, in September Google lifted a partial ban, permitting some crypto organizations to promote on its stage. Per the new arrangement, just registered Virtual currency exchanges could promote on the Google Adwords stage, focusing on the U.S. as well as the Japanese audience.

In October, Google added new limitations on Chrome Web Store extensions, which will probably affect cryptojackers. Chrome extensions submitted to the Web Store would purportedly not be permitted in the web store that they contained "obfuscated" code. Google's Oct. 1 post mentioned that today over 70% of suspicious extensions that we obstruct from Chrome Web Store contain obfuscated code.