Lighting Network (Beta) Goes Live: Bitcoin Transaction Fees and Time To Go Down!

The Lightning Network (Beta) is here to solve the biggest problem of Bitcoin - high fees and slow transfers! Backed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey among other high-profile investors.

How to sell off your Bitcoin?

There are several reasons why you may want to sell off all or part of your Bitcoin. Perhaps you feel the Bitcoin bubble will soon go bust, or you feel you’ve amassed enough digital wealth and want to get out of the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin Misery Index Shows Misery At a Six-Year High: Prices Bound to Rise

The Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) observes how 'miserable' Bitcoin investors are at the moment. This index shows how motivated a person is likely to be to sell their Bitcoin holdings.

Ethereum Foundation Grants Millions Of Dollars Towards Dapps and Smart Contract Development

Grants worth Millions of dollars were announced by the Ethereum foundation for those individuals and organizations working towards the development of Dapps and Smart Contracts on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum Fixes ‘Eclipse’ Security Flaw That Allowed Ledger Manipulation

The Eclipse security flaw that allowed manipulation of the public ledger has now been fixed. A similar flaw was also discovered on the Bitcoin network in 2015.

Over 34,000 Ethereum Smart Contracts Found To Be Vulnerable

A team of researchers scanned almost a Million smart contracts recently, finding out that about 34,200 of them are vulnerable to security breaches.

Introducing Salt: Lender to the Crypto Hodlers

Introducing SALT- A lending platform that allows investors or holders of blockchain assets to leverage their holdings as collateral and take cash loans against it.

With the launch of ADSi tokens, AdSigma challenges the need for Ad Networks like Google

The growing craze and consumption of the internet has led every company to be conscious about their online presence and provides an opportunity at the same to time to expand beyond their territories

Vulnerability Found in Ledger Hardware Wallets: Your Cryptocurrencies May Be At Risk!

Millions of Ledger hardware wallet users are at a risk of losing their funds as a vulnerability has been found which can alter the Bitcoin deposit address!

African Country Sierra Leone Becomes The First Nation To Hold Blockchain-Based Presidential Election

Sierra Leone creates history as it becomes the first ever nation to hold a blockchain based Presidential Election, in association with Swiss startup Agora.

Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Aims At Becoming India's Blockchain Hub

Following the success of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh’s largest city Visakhapatnam (popularly known as Vizag) is all set to become the country’s ‘Blockchain Hub’ with the FinTech Valley Vizag program

Dubai Embraces Blockchain Technology to Help Tourists

Dubai embraces the blockchain technology to infuse transparency into tourism and to help tourists make the best travel arrangement as per their needs.