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  • Jun 21, 2024

Our team regularly gets in touch with cryptocurrency and blockchain high profiles to conduct exclusive interviews with them. This section is an outcome of all those fantastic Q&A sessions with them.

Coinbundle CEO Saad Rizvi Shares How They Can Simplify Crypto Investments

CoinBundle is a crypto investment platform where traders can buy a bundle of coins with a single click. We interviewed its Co-Founder & CEO - Saad Rizvi.

[INTERVIEW] Ryan Fyfe Shares Insights on Workchain.io - The Blockchain Payroll System

Workchain.io has an interesting take on payrolls over blockchain. We recently had an opportunity to interview its CEO and Co-Founder, Ryan Fyfe.

[INTERVIEW] How Bart Jellema with His Team is Building Next Generation Crypto Exchange with XS2?

It looks like crypto exchanges like X2 are the way forward for crypto trading. We recently had an opportunity to interview its CEO Bart Jellema. 

[INTERVIEW] NazcaBot Team Steering Their Bot Story Navigating Crypto Portfolio on Sound Investment

NazcaBot is in the realm of automating the way you trade in the crypto world. We delve into the conversation with Nazcabot team (Evelyn, Alessandro, Valerio)  

[INTERVIEW] COO of Shivom, Gourish Singla foresight the Era of Medicine with Genomics and Blockchain Technology

Firmly catapulting their empowering project Shivom powered by blockchain technology, we had the privilege of catching up with COO and Co-founder Gourish Singla

[Exclusive Interview] Factom CMO Jay Smith talks about 'Factomizing' the world and Roadmap Ahead

We had an opportunity to connect with Factom’s CMO Jay Smith, and his condensed views on various aspects of Factom and their roadmap:

To The Blockchain Founder, Jonathan Otto Introduces their Tweet Blockchain Venture

ToTheBlockchain is a Twitter bot that copies tweets to the Bitcoin blockchain. Find out more about this project from the founder- Jonathan Otto himself.

Autonomous Coummunications Head Ning Tan talks about their Blockchain based Mobile App

Autonomous seem to have liked the concept of blockchain so much that they also introduced a Blockchain based agreement application called Handshake.

Elena Shkarubo, the CEO of MeetnGreetMe Gets Candid about their Blockchain Venture

MeetnGreetMe is an online concierge service that links out-of-town travelers with locals for advice about their destination and support during their stay.

Natalie Pankova, the CSO at Shivom talks about their Genomics Blockchain Technologies

Shivom is a precision medical and genomic company that will allow people to upload their genomic sequence, receive rewards for sharing this information.