CoinBundle is a cryptocurrency investment platform where traders can buy a bundle of coins with a single click. They aim to make crypto investment quick and straightforward especially for first-time investors. They recently launched the platform on producthunt, and we got a chance to interview its Co-Founder & CEO - Saad Rizvi.  Here's the uncut QA session:

Q. Bundling token investments is surely an intuitive idea. Mind telling our readers the story behind the idea?

We're bringing a tried and trusted methodology from traditional finance and stock investing to cryptocurrencies for the first time. In traditional finance, bundled stocks, whether it's an ETF or a Mutual Fund, historically always perform better for new investors than picking individual stocks. We wanted to offer that ability to new crypto investors as well.

Buying bundled tokens will almost always get better returns for a new investor in the long term compared to trying to bet on individual tokens.

Q. Which cryptocurrency exchanges does CoinBundle currently use for buying users' bundle?

CoinBundle does not need to rely on exchanges. We have directly partnered with several leading Over The Counter (OTC) desks in the industry. These desks allow us to purchase tokens at the best prices, which helps us serve our users better as well.

Q. What policy does CoinBundle follow before approving any coin on the platform?

All tokens go through extensive assessments by our finance and crypto investment experts before being allowed on the platform. This includes quantitative backtesting to review the volatility and stability of various coins, qualitative assessment by crypto experts (such as our panel of leading Silicon Valley investors) as well as review of the underlying technology, team and traction behind the individual token. We understand the responsibility and trust our users give to us when they invest with CoinBundle, and only want to offer them the best assets which we would invest in ourselves as well.

Q. There will be a reward for creating the best performing bundle in form of CoinBundle Tokens (BNDL). How can users use these tokens?

The tokens have several core utilities on the platform for BNDL holders, all geared towards helping our users make more money for themselves in a variety of ways.

Firstly, they allow a user to receive bonuses for favorable investing behavior on the platform, such as long term holding and regular savings. This means if you invest $1 with CoinBundle, you will actually receive more than that amount in Bundles as a reward.

In addition, tokens can be utilized on the BundleRewards platform. This is where users can create custom bundles, and incentivize other users to promote these bundles in a variety of forums, and get commisions through sales of these bundles.

Finally, tokens can also give users access to power features, early access to new bundles on the platform and the ability to feature custom bundles.

Q. What is the usecase for CoinBundle Advocacy and CryptoFever?

CoinBundle is focused on first time investors, and as part of that we've been building programs to educate both our users and influencers to embrace the blockchain and web 3.0 revolution.

CoinBundle Advocacy helps senior leaders in governments (such as Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers and Central bank) both shape policy and take advantage of the potential of cryptocurrencies. We've already advised Finance Ministers of 14 countries on various topics and will continue our efforts to enable government leaders build better pathways for prosperity for their citizens.

CryptoFever is a game aimed to educate new investors in portfolio theory, cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0. By incentivizing people with tokens and rewards, we want to help them understand the potential of this technology and participate in it as soon as possible.

Q. How Coinbundle referral program works especially for early adopters?

We want to reward our early adopters and their friends generously for joining CoinBundle early. Every new user on CoinBundle gets 100 BNDL (~$10 in value). In addition, if they invite friends to the platform, they also get $10 in BNDL for any friend who joins as well. This way users can earn hundreds of dollars just by spreading the word and inviting their friends to the platform.

Q. Can you tell us more about the education program - CoinBundle Conversations?

CoinBundle Conversations is a YouTube Talk Show and Podcast Series where we invite the leading investors, entrepreneurs and leaders in the cryptocurrency space to tell us about their journey and investment strategies. We hope to both educate our users in how true experts think about investing so that they can apply their strategies, and also inspire them to become blockchain entrepreneurs themselves.

Q. What has been the biggest challenge for CoinBundle while building the platform?

Taking customer's money and keeping it safe and secure is a huge responsibility. We've spent a lot of time and effort to build a world-class security infrastructure on our end and also through our partnerships with the leading financial institutions in this space. Now we're proud to say that assets on CoinBundle are not only secure, but also insured by Lloyds of London. We've become the first bundled crypto asset manager in the world to offer that to our users.

Q. How has the journey been so far? What is the next step?

It's been an exciting journey - we're thrilled to have become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency platforms in the industry.

We now want to continue striving towards our mission to bring the next billion people to web 3.0. We believe that people in emerging markets can take full advantage of the new internet powered by blockchain even before developed countries get widespread adoption - it's a true leapfrogging moment similar to cell-phones and mobile payments. We're positioned to be the leader to facilitate this globally.


We would like to thank Saad for giving us his valuable time to educate our readers about the platform. We also wish the CoinBundle team all the best and success with their venture.