Keen on Books and Blockchain

Former Google Employees create a Blockchain Community

Google's former employees take a step forward and form an exclusive Blockchain community called "xGoogler Blockchain Alliance."

Indian Crypto Market Presents Opportunity for Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

The Peer-to-Peer Exchange, fondly known as P2P Exchange eliminates bank involvement all together! Paxful enables over 300 payment methods for Indian citizens.

Mastercard proposes Blockchain System to prevent Fake Identities

Mastercard has been actively researching case studies on blockchain and has now come up with a new proposal to prevent identity security threats.

Bermuda Plans to Embrace ICOs and Reveals Draft Crypto Regulations

Bermuda is one the fewer countries who intend to welcome Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)and takes courageous steps in regulating it in the state.

Singapore witnesses Bitcoin robbery worth $300K

While the brokers were all set to purchase bitcoin from the seller, a mugger came in from nowhere, assaulted the brokers and snatched away $365,000 from them.

Ancora is here with Ethereum Pens

Ethereum Pens will be available in two variants - Rollerball pens and Fountain pens and their units will be limited to 888 and 88 respectively.

Are Indian Governmental Authorities Confused Regarding Cryptocurrencies and Accidentally Promoting Money Laundering?

On one hand, aims at developing its own crypto tokens, while on the other hand, it takes premature decisions to hamper crypto growth in the country. Thus Indian ecosystem seems to have bilateral views on this fast-growing technology.

US Traders Overlook the FBAR Requirement When Filing Cryptocurrency Taxes

US government has introduced some amendments regarding the taxation of cryptocurrency for traders.

Crypto Exchange Bittrex's Signups are back!

On April 10, Bittrex announced via an official press release that they are now accepting new user registrations.

Vietnam Acts to get a hold of Crypto Scams

Around 32,000 Vietnamese investors helped the ICO raise 15 trillion - $660 million. Both the companies later emerged as scams.