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  • Feb 08, 2023

Innovations in Crypto-Crime: Infected Movie-Torrent Files, Fake Wikipedia Banners!

Crypto-Crime is on the rise. Hackers and scammers are making use of innovative means to swindle you. Here's what they're up to!

Hackers Post Bitcoin Scam From South African Cricket Board’s Twitter Account

Twitter account of the South African Cricket Board was hacked. The hackers posted tweets promoting a Bitcoin scam from the @OfficialCSA account.

Hackers Impersonate Verified Coinbase Account to Scam Twitter Users

The verified Twitter account of Belgian Non-Profit Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) was hacked and renamed as Coinbase in an attempt to scam users.

Indian Police Arrested Fourth Suspect of $70 Million Crypto Scam in India

Indian Police has arrested an associate from a group who is charged for conducting crypto scam of $71.6 million

Bitcoin Related Bomb Threats Surface Over Emails

The email demands a Bitcoin ransom and threatens with deadly consequences if not complied with. This is the second such Bitcoin-related bomb threat since 2017.

$78,000 Lost in Three Months: Bitcoin Scams Rise in Singapore

Reports from Singapore-based publication The Straits Times indicate that citizens have lost over $78,000 in Bitcoin scams over the past three months.

Four Fake Cryptocurrency Wallets Reported on Google Play Store

Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher recently discovered fake cryptocurrency wallets that rob users data from the device

Twitter Under Heat For Allowing Promotion of Crypto Scams 

Twitter scams are back - and this time, scammers, using hacked verified accounts are able to 'promote' these Tweets.

Canadian Fraud Victim Loses Court Case Against Bitcoin ATM Firm

A Canadian fraud victim tried to sue the company that owned the Bitcoin ATM after she was defrauded. However, the courts in the country ruled against her.

Bitcoins Worth $50,000 Scammed From Australian Citizens As Fake Tax Debt

Victims in a $50,000 Bitcoin scam were forced to pay non-existent tax debt via Bitcoin ATMs. Police suspect there might be more victims who are yet to report.