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  • Dec 07, 2022

Seven Arrested in Mumbai Over International Bitcoin Scam

The modus operandi of these scammers was to call up US residents and ask them to pay ‘loan tax’ they owe to the IRS in form of Bitcoin payments

$3.2 Billion worth INR Crypto-Scam Uncovered in India

Recent reports now indicate that a massive cryptocurrency scam, worth $3.2 Billion worth INR has been uncovered in India.

Sunken Treasure ICO Officially Declared $53 Million Fraud: Interpol Help Seeked

The ICO has scammed over $50 Million from about 124,000 people in the country. Authorities are now seeking support of Interpol for investigating into the matter.

Student Arrested for $5 Million Crypto-Scam via SIM Jacking

A 20-year old student from Boston has been arrested over a $5 Million cryptocurrency scam which he achieved via SIM-jacking.

Korean Firm Launches Dubious ICO Backed By Sunken Treasure Worth $130 Bn 

South Korea's Shinil Group claims to have found a sunken treasure, which has $130 Bn in Gold. The company plans to launch an ICO token backed by this gold.

$7.3 Million Cryptocurrency Scam Jolts Indian Cryptocurrency Markets

A cryptocurrency scam worth Rs. 500 Crore ($7.3 Million) has come to light in India, named MoneyTradeCoin - the scam was orchestrated by The Flintsonte Group.

ICO Scams on the Rise: Over $1 Billion Stolen in ICO Scams

Over a Billion dollars have been lost in ICO scams - and 271 scammy coins have been identified, a report from the Wall Street Journal points out.

Cryptocurrency Scammers Arrested in China over $47 Million Fraud

The Chinese police have arrested 6 individuals of PEB firm in connection to cryptocurrency scam.

Indian Investors Eager for Quick Profits are Being Duped by Conmen

Indian authorities have arrested two individuals accused of operating a bitcoin Ponzi scheme that swindled 300 bitcoins, approx. $2.6 million from 5000 victims.

South Korean Court Punishes 2 Over $24 Million Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme

Judge Hwang Jin-jin of the Incheon District Court punished two men for running a pyramid scam. The accused were fined $15 Million and $8 Million respectively!