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  • Jun 05, 2020

Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX Goes Offline, Claims Maintenance Problems

Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX is down for maintenance as per the announcement on its webpage on Jan 28.

Four Vermont State Agencies formed Blockchain Working Group

Four agencies in the state government of Vermont have jointly formed a working group to do research on Blockchain Technology

Lithuania Announces Detailed Guidelines which Govern Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance announced detailed guidelines around cryptocurrencies and ICOs - which deal with regulation, taxation, accounting and AML laws.

Israeli Firms May Soon Have To Report All Crypto-Activities of their Clients

A draft law in Israel will bring in new reporting requirements for the Financial Service Providers to report the cryptocurrency activity of their clients.

Russia’s Digital Economy Bill Introduces ‘Digital Money’ As the Legal Term for Cryptocurrencies

Russia’s decision to not use the words ‘cryptocurrency’ etc, is because the government sees them as slangs and not as a legal term.

Taiwan Introduces New Crypto-Regulations To Prevent Money Laundering

Qiu Taisan, Taiwan’s Minister of Justice, has demanded a new legal cryptocurrency framework mainly to prevent money laundering in the nation.

Malta's New Cryptocurrency Bill Gets Approved: Malta All Set to Become Crypto-Haven?

Three bills concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been given assent by the Maltese cabinet - Malta is all set to become a Crypto-Haven!

Russian Court to Reconsider Ban on Crypto Information Website

Russian Supreme Court has decided to review the ban issued on cryptocurrency information website Bitcoininfo.ru

Chinese Cops Arrest 4 Over $13 Million Cryptocurrency Scam

Cops in China busted a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme of 86 million yuan which amounts to approximately $13 million which affected over 13,000 people.

Bermuda Plans to Embrace ICOs and Reveals Draft Crypto Regulations

Bermuda is one the fewer countries who intend to welcome Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)and takes courageous steps in regulating it in the state.