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  • Jul 20, 2024

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple's Blockchain Now Accessible Using Google's BigQuery Analytics

Blockchain technology expanded all over the world, the same as virtual currencies during the last several years. Google has developed several tools for individuals and analysts to be able to understand how these networks behave.

Google's official Twitter Account Hacked - Scammers promoted Bitcoin Giveaway

Google's G Suite's official Twitter account was hacked to advertise a Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway scam, the Next Web reported Nov. 13.

Google Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Google has introduced a new policy for cryptocurrency advertising which is all set to go into effect starting October.

Google Makes Ethereum Dataset Publicly Available in BigQuery

Internet giant Google has now made ethereum dataset publicly available to its big data analytics platform BigQuery, after adding Bitcoin dataset earlier this year.

Firefox to Automatically Block Crypto Mining Malware Scripts in New Browser Releases

It says that other sites have deployed crypto mining scripts that silently mine cryptocurrencies on the user’s device and practices like these make the web a more hostile place to be.

Former Google Employees' Venture Atlas Protocol Raises Million Dollars From SoftBank, Baidu

Atlas Protocol has the opportunity to become the next Google Ads in the world of the blockchain, says Mervin Zhou, a partner of SoftBank.

Exclusive: Google Confirms It Hasn't Lifted The Crypto Ad Ban

Just after the news of Facebook whitelisting Coinbase for the crypto ads, there were rumors on social media platforms that even Google has lifted the ad ban

Google Partners With Two Firms To Offer Blockchain Solutions

The internet giant Google has collaborated with two firms Digital Asset and BlockApps to offer blockchain solutions to enterprises.  Digital Asset provides distributed ledger solutions, while BlockApps is the Blockchain-as-a-Servi...

Facebook and Google Face Heat from Crypto-Community Over Ad-Ban

Months after announcing the ban, these internet giants continue to face a backlash from the crypto-community, which is upset about being treated unfairly.

‘Should I leave Ethereum and Work for Google?’ Vitalik Buterin Asks on Twitter

In a now-deleted Twitter poll, Vitalik Buterin teased sarcastically that he might leave Ethereum to join Google.