T-Mobile LTE Network in New York Disrupted By Cryptocurrency Mining

a Brooklyn resident was asked by the FCC to turn off his Bitcoin mining device after it was found out that it was disrupting T-Mobile's LTE network in the area!

Russia Introduces Training Course on Ethereum Blockchain Development

Russia has now opened up a Blockchain school in Moscow which offers training courses on Ethereum Blockchain Development.

What is the Proof of Stake Protocol?

A closer look at what the proof of stake protocol is, how it functions and how it is different from the proof of work protocol.

5 Bitcoin Energy Consumption Myths Busted!

Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy but is it really as bad as people claim it to be? Here are 5 Bitcoin energy consumption myths - busted!

Breaking Down Litecoin’s Recent Growth: LitePay and Litecoin Cash

LitePay and Litecoin Cash are two of the biggest reasons why Litecoin prices jumped by almost 35% over the past couple of days. Here's a detailed look at both of these factors of Litecoin's growth.

Atari Token - Arcade Gaming Pioneer All Set to Launch Own Cryptocurrency!

Atari is all set to launch their own cryptocurrency token - the Atari Token. The company intends to build an entertainment-focused blockchain system.

Coinbase Confirms They Have Been Accidentally Overcharging Some Users

Coinbase confirms that they have been overcharging some users for card purchases. The company claims this was a flaw on Visa's end.

Africa’s First Bitcoin Exchange Luno Targets 1 Billion Users by 2025

Luno is on an expansion spree. The company is all set to expand their workforce from 70 to 300 as they aim at reaching 1 Billion users by 2025!

Ripple and Western Union Team Up Over Blockchain Payments

Following their partnership with MoneyGram, Ripple has now teamed up with Western Union over their blockchain based payments platform.

Bitcoin Scammer Who Orchestrated $545,000 Scam Arrested in Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah Police has now arrested a Pakistani national who conned an Indian national worth $545,000 in cash under the pretext of transferring him Bitcoins.