• Market Cap: $266b

  • Jun 03, 2023

Kraken Exchange Acquires an Institutional Servicer Provider Interchange

Crypto Exchange Kraken has recently acquired Interchange, an accounting and portfolio settlement service provider for institutional cryptocurrency investors

Amid Social Media Backlash, Coinbase Fires Controversial Neutrino Team Members

Coinbase responded to user outrage over the Neutrino acquisition by firing the controversial names involved in The Hacking Team.

Angry Users Delete Coinbase Accounts Following Neutrino Acquisition

Coinbase users are upset with the Neutrino's controversial past - and are deleting their Coinbase accounts now, along with using the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase on Twitter.

Coinbase Announces Acquisition of Neutrino Blockchain Intelligence Startup

Coinbase's latest acquisition is that of Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence startup based in Italy.

Coinbase Acquires Blockspring: A Startup Backed By Andreessen Horowitz

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, has now acquired Blockspring - a startup backed by VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.

NXMH Acquires Bitstamp Cryptocurrency Exchange In All-Cash Deal

Belgian investment firm NXMH is all set to acquire cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp in an all-cash deal.

Speculations over Facebook's Coinbase Acquisition Intensify Amid Reversal of Ad-Ban

Speculations about Facebook acquiring cryptocurrency giant Coinbase have intensified following Facebook’s policy reversal on cryptocurrency advertisements.

TRON Founder Justin Sun Reportedly Acquires BitTorrent

Reports indicate that TRON founder Justin Sun has acquired BitTorrent for an undisclosed amount of money - he has filed for a merger as well.

Nexon CEO Denies $350 Million Bitstamp Acquisition Reports

Nexon CEO Lee Jung-hun denied that Nexon Korea is not planning to acquire Bitstamp. However, parent company NXC Corp is still rumored to be on-board with the deal.

Canada-Based Mining Firm HyperBlock Acquires CryptoGlobal in a $106 Million CAD Deal

Canadian cryptocurrency mining firm HyperBlock acquired CryptoGlobal in a $106 Million CAD deal which is all set to complete by May 2018, following the deal, CryptoGlobal will operate as a part of HyperBlock.