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  • Aug 13, 2022

Walmart Applies for Cryptocurrency Patent for its Stablecoin that contains features like Facebook's Libra

Walmart, which is the world’s largest retail company in terms of revenue and employees Applies for Cryptocurrency Patent for its Stablecoin

Popular Media Corporation Thomson Reuters awarded a patent for Blockchain-based identity management system

Leading Mass Media Corporation Thomson Reuters patents a Blockchain system for Identity Management

Bank of America’s New Blockchain Patent Talks about ATM-as-a-Service 

The latest patent filed by Bank of America talks about integrating blockchain technology in their cash handling services - integrating blockchain in ATMs.

CoinBase Retracts Trademark Application For Crypto Term BUIDL

Following social media backlash, CoinBase removed their application bid to trademark the crypto community term 'BUIDL'

New AT&T Patent Maps Your Social Media Activity over Blockchain

A new patent filing by telecom giant AT&T reveals that the firm is interested in mapping the social media history of its users over a blockchain-based platform.

Amazon Bags Two Patents in Blockchain Sector

Amazon has been granted two patents in digital signatures and distributed storage techniques by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Bank of America Patent Describes How Enterprise Institutions Could Store Crypto

As per this patent, a single enterprise level account is required for a business that desires to hold customers' fund in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Bank of America Awarded New Patent for Digital Storage of Private Keys

Bank of America's latest patent allows setting up of a digital storage for private keys - which alerts the user in real-time in case of a tampering attempt.

New Mastercard Blockchain Patent Reveals Plans for Multi-Currency Blockchain Systems

Mastercard's latest blockchain patent is titled ‘Method and system for partitioned blockchains and enhanced privacy for permissioned blockchains’

Winklevoss Twins File New Patent for Securely Storing Digital Assets

The patent named “Systems and methods for storing digital math-based assets using a secure portal” includes a new method that allows for the division of a digital asset account into a plurality of private key segments, providing m...