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  • Apr 19, 2024

Supreme Court of India to Hear Crypto-Case on 26th February

The cryptocurrency case has been listed as the top item in the cause list of the Supreme Court of India for 26th of February.

Indian Bank Terminates Accounts With Crypto-Related Transactions

India's Kotak Mahindra Bank has begun to terminate accounts of users who they find being involved in cryptocurrency-related transactions.

What Is Margin Trading And How to Do Margin Trading in India?

Margin Trading and how to start margin trading on Delta Exchange. Detla Exchange is the latest peer-to-peer crypto exchange for margin trading.

India Says No to State-Backed Digital Currency

All plans regarding issuing of a state-backed central bank digital currency in India have been shelved, reports indicate.

Indian Police Arrested Fourth Suspect of $70 Million Crypto Scam in India

Indian Police has arrested an associate from a group who is charged for conducting crypto scam of $71.6 million

India Might Legalize Cryptocurrency With ‘Strong Riders'

After almost a year-long period of uncertainty, it appears that the Indian government has finally decided to go lenient towards the crypto industry.

Indian Police Recovers 451 Bitcoins Collected in Ponzi Scheme

Police in the city of Pune have recovered 451.999 Bitcoins (Worth ~1.7 Million USD) from scammers who were running a Ponzi scheme in the country. 

First Blockchain-Based Birth Certificate Issued in India

One-month-old Divit Biyani has become the first baby born in India to get a blockchain-based birth certificate.

IBM to Innovate Indian Telecom Sector with of Blockchain Tech 

IBM is expected to make use of blockchain tech to help improve Mobile Number Portability as well as Do Not Call registry systems in India. 

Indian State To Develop Blockchain Talent Pool and Support Blockchain Startups

The Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society has announced a ‘Blockchain Talent Pool’ and promised support for blockchain startups in the state.