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  • Jun 20, 2019

Vancouver Mayor proposes to Ban Bitcoin ATMs to Stop Money Laundering

Kennedy Stewart, the Mayor of Vancouver proposes to Ban Bitcoin ATMs to Stop Money Laundering

SEC sues California Resident behind $26 million Crypto Pyramid Scheme

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission sues California Resident behind $26 million Crypto Pyramid Scheme

Crypto Project OneCoin refutes for being a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

Cryptocurrency Project OneCoin refutes claims of being a hybrid Ponzi-pyramid scheme or Scam

More than $4.3Million lost by users in Australia in Crypto Scams

Around 190% increase in Crypto Scams in Australia in 2018, users lost more than $4.3 million

Texas Authorities Fines Nui Social over Securities Fraud in Crypto Mining Space

Touted as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, Nui Social has felt the full force of the law as the Texas security board has fined them $25,000 for illegally and fraudulently offering investments to the state residents.

Italian Securities Regulator Suspends 2 Crypto Firms for Alleged Fraud Activities

The 90-day suspension was handed out to the two firms, Bit Surge, and Crypto Green Earth post evaluation of their validity.

Renowned Rapper T.I. Sued for $5 Million For Token Fraud

U.S. rapper T.I., a.k.a T.I.P. is being sued for $5 million by a group of individuals after his FLik token has supposedly fizzled, as per court reports acquired by U.S. media news channel, The Blast.

Bitcoins Worth $50,000 Scammed From Australian Citizens As Fake Tax Debt

Victims in a $50,000 Bitcoin scam were forced to pay non-existent tax debt via Bitcoin ATMs. Police suspect there might be more victims who are yet to report.

Sunken Treasure ICO Officially Declared $53 Million Fraud: Interpol Help Seeked

The ICO has scammed over $50 Million from about 124,000 people in the country. Authorities are now seeking support of Interpol for investigating into the matter.

Indian Police Officers Arrested in a Bitcoin Extortion Case

A real estate developer Shailesh Bhatt was lashed and forced to transfer 200 Bitcoins worth of INR 12 crore from his account.