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  • Aug 15, 2022

Renowned Rapper T.I. Sued for $5 Million For Token Fraud

U.S. rapper T.I., a.k.a T.I.P. is being sued for $5 million by a group of individuals after his FLik token has supposedly fizzled, as per court reports acquired by U.S. media news channel, The Blast.

Bitcoins Worth $50,000 Scammed From Australian Citizens As Fake Tax Debt

Victims in a $50,000 Bitcoin scam were forced to pay non-existent tax debt via Bitcoin ATMs. Police suspect there might be more victims who are yet to report.

Sunken Treasure ICO Officially Declared $53 Million Fraud: Interpol Help Seeked

The ICO has scammed over $50 Million from about 124,000 people in the country. Authorities are now seeking support of Interpol for investigating into the matter.

Indian Police Officers Arrested in a Bitcoin Extortion Case

A real estate developer Shailesh Bhatt was lashed and forced to transfer 200 Bitcoins worth of INR 12 crore from his account.

Indian Investors Eager for Quick Profits are Being Duped by Conmen

Indian authorities have arrested two individuals accused of operating a bitcoin Ponzi scheme that swindled 300 bitcoins, approx. $2.6 million from 5000 victims.

5 Arrested in Japan Over Bitcoin Fraud

Cryptocurrency fraud is on the rise in Japan as 5 individuals got arrested for buying cryptocurrencies in fake fiat money. A total of 12 arrests have been made in this case.