• Market Cap: $266b

  • Jul 20, 2024

Factom Blockchain Data Accepted As Court Evidence in Douyin (TikTok) vs Baidu Copyright Case in China

The Beijing Internet Court has accepted data stored over Factom blockchain as valid evidence in a case between Douyin and Baidu's Huopai.

Factom (FCT) Booms While Markets Burn

Factom's price has surged by 100% while rest of the cryptocurrency markets continue to collapse.

Ledger adds Support for Six New Cryptocurrencies including Factom

Ledger has announced the support for six new cryptocurrencies for their Ledger Nano S Wallet: Lisk, Factom, Gamecredits, Musicoin, Mix and Ethergem.

[Exclusive Interview] Factom CMO Jay Smith talks about 'Factomizing' the world and Roadmap Ahead

We had an opportunity to connect with Factom’s CMO Jay Smith, and his condensed views on various aspects of Factom and their roadmap:

Factom: The Sleeping Crypto Giant

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