Nilesh Maurya has been associated for past 8 years as an Investment Banker with Omega Capital, a bespoke Investment Banking outfit having offices in Mumbai, New York, Singapore and Dubai. He has extensive experience in working on deals involving Merger and Acquisition, Capital Raise, Business Structuring, Equity research, Fundamental Analysis and Consulting. He was an integral part and played a pivotal role in execution of numerous deals including the merger of Grover- Zampa wines which was India’s second largest wine merger deal. Nilesh has been a strong propagator of Blockchain technology and has been a keen follower of cryptocurrencies He has been a regular contributor to business publications such as Business India and Market Express and has been a mentor to many start-up companies. He is associated with Amity Innovation Incubator as an Industry Expert and has also has project-based association with IIM A CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship). He currently resides on the Board of Studies for Amity University Rajasthan as an industry representative, trying to fill a gap between classroom and the boardroom. He has had a series of lectures on industry preparedness across Amity Campuses and have placed a pivotal role in helping the placement cell with regards to grooming the students. Nilesh holds an Executive Certificate from IIM A in Mergers Acquisition and Restructuring from IIM Ahmedabad, an MBA from Amity University with majors in Finance and International Business and is also a Commerce Graduate and a rank holder in Taxation from Mumbai University

Stellar Lumens - Banking System of the Future

Stellar is a blockchain platform that is primarily focused on integrating distributed ledger technology into existing financial infrastructure. Stellar presents itself as the “future of banking".

Factom: The Sleeping Crypto Giant

First-class analytics can only occur with quality data. As the old saying goes, ‘garbage in and garbage out’, and it still holds correct – incorrect data is of very little usage.

Ox Protocol- Decentralizing the Exchange

Decentralized exchanges are a key piece of crypto infrastructure, and they will fundamentally improve the functionality of crypto economies. 0x is emerging as the leading DEX platform within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Bloom - Bringing Credit Rating to the Modern Age

Bloom is built with a mission to decentralize credit scoring and enhance security so that one centralized authority doesn’t have a broad hold of people’s individual data- which can be leaked or breached easily. The Bloom team aims to bring transparency, community, and the crypto community together to create a new credit ecosystem and is working with over 300 partners and lenders to make this mission a reality.

Introducing Salt: Lender to the Crypto Hodlers

Introducing SALT- A lending platform that allows investors or holders of blockchain assets to leverage their holdings as collateral and take cash loans against it.

Physical Bitcoins 101: Dummies Guide

Bitcoins have found love in of investors and recently has been getting a lot of attention around among commoners and retail investors.

Raising Millions In Seconds: The ICO Story

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a fundraising mechanism that trades future cryptocurrency coins for cryptocurrencies which have a prompt, liquid value.

Resources for Understanding the World of Cryptocurrencies

Not many of us had heard of Bitcoins when it came into existence. Whenever there is a jump in bitcoin prices and it catches the eyes of the world everyone is flooded with various cryptocurrency jargons.

Long Term Crypto Investing: A Portfolio approach

Long-Term Crypto Investing: A Portfolio approach

Exchange Stories: Buying coins from right places

How to decide from which exchange to buy bitcoins?