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  • Mar 26, 2019

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With Dumps and Rises, Altcoins In Their Worst State Over A Year

Altcoins are still suffering as no movement has been recorded virtually in the crypto markets for more than 24 hours.

Korean Banks To Limit Services For Unconverted Crypto Accounts

South Korean banks are coming up with various decision to limit services for customers who are using the virtual names on their crypto accounts.

Indian Crypto Traders Rely on Stablecoins Amid Crypto Ban

Reports now indicate that Indian cryptocurrency traders are making use of stablecoins to stay afloat amid the crypto-ban.

Demand For P2P Cryptocurrency Trading Surges in India Following RBI Ban

Following the crypto-ban issued by the RBI, it has been observed that there is an increase in demand for P2P cryptocurrency trading platforms in the country.

Ethereum Classic on Coinbase Expected by 7th August

Coinbase has released an update stating that their testing has now reached a final phase and they expect Etc to be added to the platform by the 7th of August.

Cryptocurrencies are a Valid Form of Electronic Payments, Law Commission of India States

This was announced in a report from the Law Commission which is titled ‘Legal Framework: Gambling and Sports Betting Including in Cricket in India’.

Lufthansa Launches Blockchain Challenge to Innovate the Aviation Industry

Lufthansa's Aviation Blockchain Challenge is all set to bring in blockchain-based innovations in the aviation industry and the airlines and travel sectors!.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Unable to Find a Common Ground on Pre-Consensus Debate

It appears that there might be a rift in the Bitcoin Cash community as BCH developers debate over Pre-Consensus protocol technique. 

First-Ever Decentralized Global Stock Exchange Planned in Malta

Malta is all set to record a historic first in the world of Fin-Tech, as it plans to launch a decentralized global stock exchange.

HitBTC Exchange Review

A complete and concise review of the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange - giving you the perfect insight into all the features as well as facts related to HitBTC.