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  • Mar 21, 2019

India Targets Crypto Crimes As Part of a Larger Cyber Security Effort

The Indian authorities have decided to face crypto crimes recently with a new focus on how these assets can be used to steal money from people.

Microsoft Pulls Down 8 Malicious Crypto-Mining Apps from Microsoft Store

8 applications which were illicitly mining for cryptocurrencies using the processing power of the users’ computers were recently pulled down from the Microsoft Store.

Crypto-Crime: Darknet Markets See Bitcoin Usage Double Up

Bitcoin transactions worth 2 Billion USD took place every day over the darknet markets in 2018.

Innovations in Crypto-Crime: Infected Movie-Torrent Files, Fake Wikipedia Banners!

Crypto-Crime is on the rise. Hackers and scammers are making use of innovative means to swindle you. Here's what they're up to!

$10 Million Ransom Demanded in Monero for Kidnapped Norway Millionaire’s Wife

Kidnappers have asked for a ransom of $10.3 Million ($9 Million Euros) in exchange to free 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.

Indian Police Recovers 451 Bitcoins Collected in Ponzi Scheme

Police in the city of Pune have recovered 451.999 Bitcoins (Worth ~1.7 Million USD) from scammers who were running a Ponzi scheme in the country. 

400% Rise in Cryptojacking Cases in 2018: Kaspersky Lab Report Reveals

Reports from Kaspersky Labs point out that over 13 Million cases of cryptojacking have been reported this year, up 400% from 2017.

Crypto Crime: Over a Billion Dollars Lost in 2018

Over a Billion dollars have been lost in 2018 to crypto-crime in the first three quarters of the year.

$88 Million Laundered via Crypto Exchanges Since 2016: WSJ Report 

A WSJ report from Friday now claims that over $88 Million has been laundered over the past two years across 46 cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe

London Police to go through a Cryptocurrency Training to combat Crypto-Crimes

As crypto-crime is on the rise, London Police will now go through a special program designed to tackle cryptocurrency-related crime in an efficient manner.