The Indian authorities have decided to face crypto crimes recently with a new focus on how these assets can be used to steal money from people.

India’s Union Home Minister Rajanth Singh has inaugurated a new lab called Cyber Protection Awareness and Detection Center, which will be operated by the police force of Delhi. Now, the Indian cybercrime lab will start investigating cases in order to find culprits and curb crime.

In this new lab, a special unit will chase scammers and try to understand more about this new phenomenon of people using cryptos or buzzwords associated with them to fool others into giving them money.

According to Amulya Patnaik, a Delhi police officer, the force is now equipped with proper technology to recover data from objects like damaged hard drives and to make proper crypto analysis, as well as to deal with malware. This will make the police even more effective in order to deal with these crimes for once and for all.

India is currently facing a crisis as the country is interested in determining the difference between the users that are using cryptos in legal ways and the people who are using it for illegal actions.

The country is making very slow progress in order to actually be able to regulate cryptos in a proper way in the country and this announcement comes at a time in which lawmakers are deciding whether they should ban crypto usage or not. This initiative can be important as it will help the authorities to understand that not all crypto usage is for illegal acts.

In fact, many people are complaining that the position taken by Reserve Bank of India, the central bank of the country, has actually made scams more prominent in the country because it has pushed people into the illegality while using cryptocurrencies.

Last April, the Reserve Bank of India decided to ban banks from providing services to crypto companies, which has caused a crisis known as the “crypto ban” in the country. Many businesses have started to scrape in order to survive and the local business organizations focused on the blockchain industry are waging a battle in order to lift the ban.