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  • Jul 22, 2019

Janica San Juan is a BA Political Science degree holder who fell in love with entrepreneurship and writing right after college. She specializes in financial technology and cryptocurrency. At her young age, she was already able to work with a Y Combinator-backed startup and another startup founded by Harvard graduates. At CryptoGround, she covers bitcoin news. Aside from writing, she is also helping other startups in their content marketing strategies.

Bitcoin Cash Price on Downward Spiral as Crypto Market Bleeds

Bitcoin Cash price has been on a steady decline this week and has today fallen below the $1,200 mark amidst a widespread crypto bloodbath.

Kodak ICO Postponed Indefinitely to Verify Investor Status of 40,000 People

Kodak has indefinitely postponed the launch of their ICO that was scheduled for January 31 leading to a massive drop in share prices.

Royal Mint Issues First Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

The Royal Mint, which produces the UK’s currencies and holds gold reserves, has become the first globally to issue gold-backed assets to customers using blockchain technology.

Parity Technologies Shaken After A Challenging 2017 But Far From Defeated

Parity Technologies is optimistic about future platform developments and is aiming to transform the Ethereum blockchain with its innovative initiatives.

Bitcoin’s January Loss Biggest in Crypto History

Reports show that the Bitcoin January drop has erased $44.2 billion from the currency’s total value that is approximated at $200 billion.

SEC Halts AriseBank ICO Following Scam Allegations

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has halted a “decentralized bank” ICO by AriseBank due to alleged fraudulent activities.

NEO Set to Implement Exceptional Scaling Solution by 2020

NEO claims to have cracked the scaling puzzles and reports that by 2020 it will process 100,000 transactions per second without sharding.

Bitfinex and Tether Subpoena Report Negatively Affects Bitcoin

US regulators are reportedly conducting investigations into Bitfinex and Tether with regards to mounting suspicion over a digital currency linked to the latter.

Ethereum Maintains Bullish Trend in Spite of Overall Market Drop

Ethereum has somehow managed to record gains even as other cryptocurrencies continue to struggle.

A Crypto Start-Up Vanishes Mysteriously Leaving a Simple Message -- 'Penis'

A relatively new cryptocurrency start-up, Prodeum has vanished from the internet leaving a brief and concise message – Penis.