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  • Jun 26, 2022

Janica San Juan is a BA Political Science degree holder who fell in love with entrepreneurship and writing right after college. She specializes in financial technology and cryptocurrency. At her young age, she was already able to work with a Y Combinator-backed startup and another startup founded by Harvard graduates. At CryptoGround, she covers bitcoin news. Aside from writing, she is also helping other startups in their content marketing strategies.

Scammers Stealing Ether Using Fake MyEtherWallet Apps

Scammers in Google Play aiming to dupe naive crypto users using a fake MyEtherWallet app.

Why ARK Might be one of the Altcoins to watch out for in 2018

ARK, a little known contender in the crypto space, is gaining by the day and has an impressive ranking on the list of highest price increases by the day.

Canada uses Ethereum blockchain to enhance government funding transparency

The National Research Council (NRC) of Canada conducts a trial test on the ethereum blockchain in order to transparently publish data regarding government funding, grants and contributions.

Japan’s TEPCO Makes Strategic Investment in UK blockchain startup Electron

Japanese energy giant TEPCO is looking to the power of the blockchain to transform its energy sector and has invested in UK startup Electron to make this a reality.

Opera Launches Cryptojacking Protection for Smartphone Users

Opera has become the first browser to introduce cryptojacking protection for its mobile device users.

The Important Roles of Hashing and Digital Signatures on Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology has two major component parts that underpin it. These are hashing and digital signatures.

A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Jargon

Are you new in the cryptocurrency space? Find out what these cryptocurrency jargons actually mean.

Exchange Platform Halts Ethereum Transactions Citing Massive Congestion

The ethereum network is once again struggling under its own weight with congestion levels forcing some exchanges to halt transactions.

Bulgaria joins the fight against OneCoin

In an effort to join the fight against OneCoin, the Bulgarian Special Prosecutor’s Office has raided the corporate offices of OneCoin in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Report Says less than One Percent of Bitcoin Transactions Involve Money Laundering

Study by FDD and Elliptic revealed that less than one percent of bitcoin transactions involve money laundering.