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  • May 25, 2022

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Sees a Silver Lining in the Crypto Winter

Even though most of 2018 was dominated by a ‘crypto winter’ where the price of cryptocurrencies continued to decline, Ohanian remains optimistic. 

EOS Reverses Confirmed Transactions - Experts Questions It's Decentralization

Blockchain convention EOS wound up at the focal point of new discussion Nov. 9 after an evidence emerged on social media sites seeming to demonstrate an arbitrator reversing confirmed transactions.

Ledger Wallet Users Can't Access BCH Accounts for Over 24 Hours

Since Monday, Ledger wallet users have been unable to access their Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Some users claim that hardware manufacturer is dragging its feet.

Reddit Stops Accepting Bitcoin

Yet another sad news for Bitcoin lovers. Reddit has been one of the earliest and most prominent platforms to accept bitcoin payments and now the latest to shut its doors to Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Ads Are Banned on Reddit Since 2016!

While Google and Facebook recently announced that they are banning cryptocurrency and ICO related ads, Reddit has imposed a ban on crypto-ads since 2016, without any press releases and warnings!

List of Top Reddit Cryptocurrency Subs Which Every Crypto Enthusiast & Investor Must Follow

There's so much happening in the world of cryptocurrencies that sometimes it gets tough to keep a track of it. The best ways to ensure you're up to date with all the updates is via following these Reddit Cryptocurrency Subreddits!

Reddit Co-Founder Turns His Attention Towards Blockchain Investment

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian has stepped down from managing day-to-day operations of Reddit to focus on his blockchain investments firm, Initialized Capital.