Blockchain convention EOS wound up at the focal point of new discussion Nov. 9 after an evidence emerged on social media sites seeming to demonstrate an arbitrator reversing confirmed transactions.

As per a Redditor, u/auti9003, a question purportedly including a phished EOS account was alluded to one of the platform's alleged moderator who reverses transactions without the proprietor's consent. This, the Reddit client notes, included reversing transactions which recently got network confirmation.

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Outlining, the trader, Ben Gates, referred to the EOS constitution as a reason for the choice. He explained that the forces stood to him as a judge under article 6 of the of EOS Resolution, he decides that the EOS account in disputes ought to return back to the petitioner ASAP and also the freeze over the assets is lifted.

EOS has often earned feedback from the crypto community because of the absence of decentralization, a trademark which CTO Daniel Larimer himself affirmed in a meeting a month ago. "Decentralization isn't what we're after," he revealed to YouTube arrangement Colin Talks Crypto, including: "What we're after is hostile to restriction and power against being closed down." 

In June, EOS "solidified" seven records that were associated with having been imperiled through phishing tricks, with EOS Block Producers (BP) soon after allegedly getting an emergency request to stop the transactions for 27 accounts.

On Reddit, redditors mentioned that EOS had failed to demonstrate the difference between EOS token and traditional fiat. The group's $4 multi-year-long Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was additionally featured. 

"For what reason would anybody utilize this over a financial institution and conventional legitimate framework?" the most prevalent remark peruses, including: 
"These folks raised ($4 billion) to reproduce the legitimate framework utilizing a token that is neither control safe, nor permanent."