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  • Dec 02, 2020

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Are Indian Governmental Authorities Confused Regarding Cryptocurrencies and Accidentally Promoting Money Laundering?

On one hand, aims at developing its own crypto tokens, while on the other hand, it takes premature decisions to hamper crypto growth in the country.

US Traders Overlook the FBAR Requirement When Filing Cryptocurrency Taxes

US government has introduced some amendments regarding the taxation of cryptocurrency for traders.

Crypto Exchange Bittrex's Signups are back!

On April 10, Bittrex announced via an official press release that they are now accepting new user registrations.

Vietnam Acts to get a hold of Crypto Scams

Around 32,000 Vietnamese investors helped the ICO raise 15 trillion - $660 million. Both the companies later emerged as scams.

Crypto Tax Support Makes Way To India

Cleartax has recently joined hands with Zebpay and introduced a crypto tax advisory service which similar to what Coinbase is doing at a global level.

Citizens of Poland File Petition against 'Unfair' Taxation of Crypto Incomes and Profits

Following the Finance Ministry’s announcement, the crypto traders of Poland have organized an online petition to protest this decision.

Bank of America says History's Biggest Bubble, Bitcoin - Is Already Popping

A team of Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) researchers is arguing that bitcoin is one of the most significant asset price bubbles in history.

Automated Telegram Bots Are Bogging Crypto Groups and Taking Tokens

Telegrams followers play an essential role in ICOs and usually use their bots to issue generic greetings and crowd sale information to new arrivals.

Ledger Wallet Users Can't Access BCH Accounts for Over 24 Hours

Since Monday, Ledger wallet users have been unable to access their Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Some users claim that hardware manufacturer is dragging its feet.

Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Hard Fork of Nano/XRB

BitGrail, an Italian crypto exchange has reported that it has come to a realization that a substantial amount of the nano tokens had been stolen.