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  • Jul 31, 2021

Verona's Special Police Unit arrested Crypto Scammers for Promoting OneCoin

Special Antitrust police unit belonging to the Italian City of Verona arrested Crypto Scammers for Operating 93 Social Media Pages promoting OneCoin

Crypto Project OneCoin refutes for being a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

Cryptocurrency Project OneCoin refutes claims of being a hybrid Ponzi-pyramid scheme or Scam

New Zealand Crunches refutes for any Connection with Crypto Ponzi Scheme OneCoin

New Zealand Crunches refutes affiliation with the Crypto Ponzi Scheme OneCoin, Samoa Worship Centre and SISDAC are two places found to have a connection with OneCoin

Central Bank of Samoa Launches Investigation Against OneCoin Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme

The island nation of Samoa becomes the latest nation to join the fight against the OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid scheme as the Central Bank of Samoa launches an investigation.

Bulgaria joins the fight against OneCoin

In an effort to join the fight against OneCoin, the Bulgarian Special Prosecutor’s Office has raided the corporate offices of OneCoin in Sofia, Bulgaria.